VIP Private Coaching

Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.
Proverbs 11:14 MSG

Would you prefer to start RIGHT NOW and work privately with us?…

Then you might consider our premier private coaching program. We want to get our hands on your vision! If you’re ready to dive head-first into your future, we will sit down with you and figure out the true path to make that happen. We cut through all the rhetoric and get right to the deep issues and understand how they are impacting you personally and spiritually.

Just like becoming a true apprentice will allow you to learn skills faster, having us as your premier coach and mentor will help you achieve the results you want faster than you could have accomplished on your own. You’ll get plenty of personal attention and guidance on your path to achieving YOUR dream. Seeing your dream become a reality fuels our purpose. THIS is why we do what we do, and that’s why we’ll be your partner, your mentor, and your cheerleader to get you inspired and in action until you reach your goal. The day you sign up will be your line in the sand.  From that day forward, your life WILL be transformed.

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Some of our clients had this to say about working one-on-one with us:

The mentorship helped me see that there are small steps being taken, that there are shades of gray. There’s a whole supernatural world that we can’t even see. Having someone else outside my world offer a different objective and help me to just take that first step encouraged me. I’ve slowly started realizing my vision could actually happen; that I could actually do this.


I understood everything we talked about as we went through the program, but it was the mentorship that really gave me the extra gas to reach towards my vision and the gap between where I am today and my vision is much smaller. I've had to continually reset my goals as I've achieved them. I've had phenomenal, exponentially fast movement towards those visions that I set. I hit my one year goal in about six weeks.

—Dr. Phil, Olney, MD