There are so many changes and growth in me!! I am so humbled and overly joyed by all of the tools I have been provided with! I am more confident in my self! I know I'm worth every single blessing God had given and has waiting for me. My attitude is better, people are inspired by me and draw towards me. Lastly, I have been so blessed with new exciting opportunities I never ever thought may be possible! Thank you Katie and Julie for having so much abundance and having Faith in our Father and giving me the lantern to guide me to God and my life with Him! Thank you!! I love you both I will always keep you close to my heart!

—Marilyn, Olney, MD

Before CCWA's Bootcamp, I had a dream and ideas of what I wanted my future to look like, but never actually sat down and figured out the true path to make them happen. By joining the calls, I was able to start seeing the vision (literally) through the creation of my vision board, learn that in order to be the best “me” I had to spend more time with God through prayer, and most importantly break through the mind weeds and see how everything is working for my good, and that God has nothing but positive things to say about me.

—Peggy, Peoria, IL

I can now label goals and the what and why about them. I also have learned how to break them down and label the steps I need to achieve them. I had an “a-ha’ moment when I figured out I can’t make any excuses if I want to see the results. After your sessions, I would go back and look up all the verses and see which ones really applied to me, and that helped keep me in the Word all day long! Also, I liked how you gave homework at the end of the worksheets; that helped a lot!

—Amy Winkelman, Ha-Noi, Vietnam

I understood everything we talked about as we went through the bootcamp, but it was CCWA's private coaching that really gave me the extra gas to reach towards my vision and I was say that gap between where I am today and my vision is much smaller. I hit my one year goal in about six weeks. We’ve had to continually reset our goals as we’ve achieved them. We've had phenomenal, exponentially fast movement towards those visions that we set.”

—Dr. Phil, Olney, MD

I had no idea I was so critical until Katie and Julie taught us about criticizing and service. No more than a few days after that call, I had an experience while driving that tested what I had been taught. It has impacted me on my job, within my family, at the grocery; everywhere. I have also found my coaching has improved greatly because I changed my way of thinking to serving others. It has been life changing for me. Week 5 was also equally as powerful. Being consistently faithful, no checking out, and most of all, stepping out on faith. Things continue to change for me as I step out in faith and especially in the area of finances. I also loved the energy and relaxed personalities of Julie and Katie. It was fun and serious but relaxed and extremely informative. The handouts were great and helpful for sure. Loved getting the recordings because though I used the handouts and took notes, I always discovered a nugget I missed when I listened to recordings. Very excellent job!!!!

—Christine, Bowie, MD

An unexpected transformation that resulted from working with you- my wife and I have been stuck in a rut for quite awhile now. Careers and future worry me constantly. We are both in the last decade of "Part 1" of ourlives and this Bootcamp really got us invigorated. And believe it or not -- I think we are both communicatingmore so than in many years about our earthly lives as well as our spiritual lives. When Kathy came home that day eager to tell me about it, I have to admit I wasn't that excited about hearing about it. When I finally "saw" what the boot camp was doing for me, it really pumped me up. I almost feel "reborn".

—Dr. Phil, Olney, MD

I attended the CCWA Womens' Conference at my church. I was very inspired by Julie and Katie's stories, both individually and their vision together. They were so enthusiastic and their energy and positive attitude was contagious! I thought, " Maybe this is what I need to help me make sense of my feelings. If they can make such dramatic changes in their lives, maybe I can, too!" I was also impressed and very intrigued by the spiritual component. Self- help programs are a dime a dozen, but how many promise to help me grow spiritually? The idea of having the Lord define my vision and growing closer to Him as a result of the journey was exciting to me.

I noticed a change almost immediately in my attitude and my perspective. I started to examine some of my spiritual ideas like" why shouldn't I pray about being fulfilled in life?" ( I had always felt guilty praying for myself except for spiritual growth or only dire emergencies). I also started realizing that maybe I was stuck because I was trying to do everything on my own instead of asking God for help in everything- large and small. I also had never really considered the role of the devil in my being stuck. I love the affirmations and scriptural references that I can use to quickly pray and change my perspective in any situation. My victories have been in small changes in my behavior- even if my vision isn't completely clear about home improvement, I feel good about making small changes and steps instead of thinking, " so what- I have so far to go, this won't make a difference." I also began to see negativity and mind weeds everywhere! I felt compelled to improve my work environment and encourage my co-workers and patients. I still slip. of course, but my overall attitude is much better. I have seen an improvement in my relationship with my husband that I did not expect. One of my visions was improved communication with him. We have not actively worked on that area, but our communication has improved a lot just with prayer and clearing mind weeds and plugging power leaks. He has totally "caught the vision"! I have also started changing negative behaviors without even setting goals to do so.
—Kathy, Olney, MD

This is all about God and His plan for us...CCWA's bootcamp is spiritually based, and that’s the most important thing; it’s based on Scripture. I’ve learned a lot, the Word has been opened up to me in many different ways.

— Dr. Phil, Olney, MD

I’ve always had a vision, but never had the support on getting there (besides my mother). I knew that this would be a great program to be a part of. It’s always nice to hear what others are going through and how they are becoming more centered in Christ and reaching their dreams. There are so many things I wanted to do, and wasn’t sure the timing of it all or whether or not I was even meant to do it. The boot camp helped me to see that I am on the right track and God is pushing me in the direction of my vision.

—Richelle, Bowie, MD

Katie is an amazing individual who touches lives in a unique way! After speaking and listening to her I was always so encouraged- I felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Using CCWA's Live Your Vision™ System I learned how to control my thoughts when I found myself doubting my abilities and God’s faithfulness. I learned how to stop focusing on what was lacking in my life, and started seeing how God is at work in every moment of my day. Katie’s personal stories and experiences were so entertaining! They were lessons I learned and applied to my life!

—Sharla, Dallas, TX

I have really enjoyed this Boot Camp! After my job ended, I had been attending a career coaching class at a local church and feeling like I was doing all the things I was "suppose" to do in my job search, yet I was feeling a pulling to go in another direction. Each of the classes resonated with what my spirit was telling me. So this may sound crazy, but this class helped me to turn down a job that I could have done, have done it before, but no longer feel passionate about!!! Some time ago I created some Absolute Yes's and Absolute No's for my life. This class reminded me of those and it's been a joy to give myself "permission" to run toward the direction I feel called to. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband and a God can run my life, much better than I can.Thank you for the class! Blessings to you....

—Tery, Sacramento, CA