Any Woman Can Have A Vision!!!

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Any woman can have a vision,
but it is only a woman of God who can
LIVE her vision!


Live Your Vision: Basic Training



At this point your vision is just a dream, or a fantasy. You are getting clear about what you want for your future. And it’s either going to just remain in your dreams or you can start creating and living that vision!! So the problem NOW is how do you implement and start living your vision.

This is why we developed our Live Your Vision Basic Training program. These steps are exactly what we’ve taken (and continue to take) that have turned our vision into our reality! And now we want to help you start living YOUR vision!

Here is what you will experience when you enroll in our:

Live Your Vision Basic Training
5-week program:

Week 1 Call: “I Can See Clearly Now”

In this first call, we go deeper in getting clarity of your vision. So we will teach you effective and easy-to- create tools that bring your vision into laser focus and keep it in the forefront of your mind. We also provide trouble-shooting tips for those who just can’t seem to get their vision into focus.

By the end of this call…

  • You’ll find your time is spent on meaningful activities.
  • You will have renewed energy because your days are spent on purpose!
  • You will know precisely what you are working toward, so thinking about the future excites you! You experience joyful anticipation on what’s to come.


Week 2 Call: “Start Seeking to Start Reaping”

During this call you will learn 5 of the most effective Spiritual Pillars to propel you toward your vision. This step is where most Christians are neglecting or unaware of the potential power it can have on creating an abundant life!

As you apply those 5 pillars in your life…

  • God confers his power and position on YOU, you no longer are held back from living the life you dream of.
  • You develop a close, intimate relationship with Christ, and your spirit becomes renewed.
  • Fear and doubt are replaced with the peace and calm that only comes when you are in a relationship with God.



Week 3 Call: “Clearing the Mind Weeds”

Mind weeds are what block your vision and limit what God can do in your life. Mind weeds cause you to feel small, unworthy and powerless.  As a result you are missing out on experiencing the great adventure of life God has planned for you!

So on this call we help you become aware and identify all of the ugly, deep rooted mind weeds you have about yourself. You will recognize your mind weeds around business, relationships, money, your abilities, and self-worth.

What happens as the weeds are cleared?

  • You no longer are self-sabotaging, and you reclaim control over what fills your mind and thoughts.
  • As you understand the damaging impact mind weeds have, you can stop yourself from unintentionally passing mind weeds to your family and friends.
  • All of a sudden you are doing things or trying things you’ve never attempted to do. You are becoming empowered and no longer your initial reaction to the unknown is “I can’t,” but now it’s, “Ok, let’s give it a shot!”



Week 4 Call: “Plugging Your Power Leaks”

This is where you will discover some of your biggest power leaks that slow down or interrupt your progress toward pursuing your vision. Maybe you leak your power by constantly comparing yourself to others, criticizing, complaining, trying to please everyone else, always wanting to be right, or trying to control other people. Or maybe your power leaks are in some of your bad habits you think you can never get rid of.

As we help you plug your leaks…

  • Things you never thought you could give up, you start letting go.
  • You start reflecting God’s nature that has always been there, but you are no longer letting the enemy influence your spirit. You start letting go of the need for control, and you begin to replace criticism with compassion.
  • You will experience a closer connection to the important people in your life. Dr. Phil N., MD Testimonial


Week 5 Call: “Fire, Ready, Aim”

Here’s the thing- action brings results and results brings confidence. Too many women spend too much time in the “ready, aim” stage and never fire! But if you aren’t moving and taking action, God can’t direct you where he wants to take you!

When you don’t take action your vision slowly disappears. So this call is all designed to get you to start FIRING toward your vision!

By the end of the final call, you will…

  • Learn how to exercise self-control, rather than being self-controlled.
  • Have practical strategies to combat the deadly D’s (Distractions Delay, Doubt and Discouragement) that prevent you from FIRING toward your dreams.
  • Become the powerful force God created you to be! The people around you start to change and you become a magnet drawing opportunities to you like you’ve never experienced before!!



Live Your Vision Basic Training Program Details:

  • This Program extends over a 5-week period. Each week there will be a 75-minute tele-training call for each step of the Live Your Vision System. Handouts for each step and call-in instructions will be emailed prior to each weekly call.
  • If you are unable to be on the call live, all calls will be recorded and emailed to you so you can download them into your success library and listen when your schedule permits.
  • Program Start date:  Monday, July 7th at 8:00 p.m. EST

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We know the devil is probably going to try to plant mind weeds of doubt (this won’t work), delay (now isn’t the time), or discouragement (I’ve never been successful in the past, why would it be different this time). These are all forms of fear and fear is just an illusion!

You see, Satan doesn’t want you to have that partnership and relationship with God- he wants you to be stagnant in your life – he doesn’t want you stepping out on faith. If you are going after your vision that means you are constantly in God’s power and strength.

That’s why we are including our Break through the Illusion of Fear home study ecourse as a FREE BONUS for enrolling in Live Your Vision Basic Training.


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However much life you aren’t living right now, THAT’s how much you will get from our Live Your Vision Basic Training program! You see, progress and meaning in our lives are only achieved when we take risks and seek growth.

Once you make up your mind and FINALLY commit to your vision, and decide to do whatever it takes without excuses or stories… the Holy Spirit conspires with you and becomes your greatest ally to SHAPE YOUR FUTURE!

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

We hope to see you on the call on Monday, July 7th at 8:00 p.m. EST.


Katie Black and Julie Black
(The Vision Mentors)