Vision Acceleration Program

Becoming “off the chain” bold and creating a whole new life requires a whole new set of spiritual and practical skills! Using our unique and scripturally-based Live Your Vision™ System, we will not only teach those critical skills, but help you develop and master them!

VIP Private Coaching

We want to get our hands on your vision! If you’re ready to dive head-first into your future, we will sit down with you and figure out the true path to make that happen. We cut through all the rhetoric and get right to the deep issues and understand how they are impacting you personally and spiritually.

Book CCWA Live On Stage

We love a good bible study, but that’s not what we do. Our powerful interactive 90-minute presentation, “How to Use the Power of Your Faith to be ‘OFF THE CHAIN’ BOLD“, provides an expanded view of God and what He can do in our lives. When you invite CCWA to speak at your church or organization, we’ll inspire your audience to challenge their status quo, and teach them how to use the power of their faith to be “off-the chain” bold and free to follow their dreams so they can experience the fullness of God’s blessings.