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Discover 3 Divine Promises that Create a
GOD-POWERED Mindset and a
CLEAR Vision for the Life YOU want.

Imagine Jesus saying to you, “O (your name here), great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire”-Matthew 15: 28. And those desires and hopes and dreams in your heart are actually showing up in your life? Too good to be true? HEAVENS NO!! CCWA wants to teach you how YOU can have the kind of faith that Jesus recognizes and use his power that is gifted to YOU to fulfill what you desire….without the guilt, doubt, and fear.

Event date:

Saturday, September 20th at 2:00 p.m EST

This complimentary training call is for you if . . .

  • You feel a restlessness or anxiety when you think about your future.
  • You have a big dream that won’t go away, but your fears and “what-ifs” keep you from stepping out in faith.
  • You want circumstances in your life to change, but feel powerless to change them?
  • You ever wonder why the blessings that God promises in His word don’t seem to be showing up in your life? (or maybe you don’t even KNOW what God promises YOU)

red-DIVIDER-960-5Then join CCWA on Saturday, September 20th, at 2:00 p.m. EST
for our Encore FREE training call,

Discover 3 Divine Promises that Create a GOD-POWERED Mindset and a
CLEAR Vision for the Life YOU want.

red-DIVIDER-960-5On this Complimentary call you will learn . . .

  • 3 bold biblical promises God makes to you..
    • Promise of abundance
    • Promise of power
    • Promise and power of a vision
  • What IS a vision? (no, it’s not just something churches or companies should have)
  • Why every Christian woman (whether you’re single, married, divorced, retired, pre-menopausal or post-menopausal) MUST have a clear vision for their life.
  • How to get clear on what you want to DO, to HAVE, to BECOME and to EXPERIENCE in your life…without the guilt, and change the course of your life starting TODAY!!
  • Finally, we’ll teach you the steps to develop a Miracle Mindset that is crucial for you to start living your vision!

Just enter your name and best email address below to reserve your spot for our  FREE training call, “Discover 3 Divine Promises that Create a GOD-POWERED Mindset and a CLEAR Vision for the Life YOU want!” on Saturday, September 20th, at 2:00 p.m. EST.

About Katie:

katieThree years ago, the purpose and passion I had as an elementary school teacher started to disappear. I felt no joy in waking up each day for work. I had a sense of dread thinking, “Am I going to feel this way until I retire?”

I knew I had a blessed life, and yet I felt unhappy and unfulfilled and wanted more in my life! As a preacher’s daughter, I struggled with these feelings (Christians shouldn’t ask for more! They should just be happy with what they have, right?).

But now I see that unsatisfied feeling is HOW God was pulling me toward him, because I started searching his word and seeking his guidance. I saw HUGE gaps between what my life was then and what I hoped it would be at that point. For the first time in my life, I systematically and clearly developed a vision for my life.

Once I had this comprehensive vision, the circumstances in my life started changing. The most important change was my relationship with my Heavenly Father. It went from just a “Hey Jesus, I feel really close to you on Sunday morning” relationship to connecting, experiencing and feeling his presence every day. My perspective of who God is and what He can do in my life has been the most important factor in my spiritual, physical, and mental transformation.  It is His power within me that helped me:

  • Replace my negative, limiting self-talk (mind weeds) with self-talk that empowers me.
  • Develop an awareness when those mind weeds creep in so I can pull them out immediately.
  • Lose 30 pounds and keep it off for 6 years and counting
  • Start to enjoy challenging myself physically–  I joined Crossfit, completed a half marathon and a 13 hour GoRuck Challenge.
  • Quit my job to follow where God wanted to lead me.
  • Replace toxic friendships with positive and encouraging like-minded friendships,
  • Easily replace bad habits I thought I would never be able to change. Replace my default reactions from judgment to love, and criticism to compassion, and worry to hope.

There was an ease to my life unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Through igniting the power and faith of God’s spirit in my life, I was accomplishing and experiencing things I thought before were impossible.

The calling that the Holy Spirit has placed on our hearts is to help YOU ignite the power in your faith to start living the life YOU want! We’ve helped hundreds of women (and some men too) start living the life they thought impossible. Now it’s YOUR turn!  Join us for your divine appointment on Saturday, September 20th at 2:00 pm EST.

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If you are ready to….

– Experience God not just as your trouble-shooter, but as a POWERHOUSE PARTNER and co-creator for the future you desire..

– Swap out your “Impossible! I Can’t” mindset for a mindset rooted in God’s power and promises

– FINALLY overcome the guilt and feel worthy of the joyful and abundant life God promises YOU.

Then we will see you on the call on
Saturday, September 20th, at 2:00 p.m. EST
for our FREE training call

Discover 3 Divine Promises that Create a
GOD-POWERED Mindset and a
CLEAR Vision for the Life YOU want.