To Serve or To be Served..That is the Question!

Do you go about your day with the thought, “How may I serve the world? Or do you have a mindset of “How can the world serve me?”

Now we realize this isn’t all or nothing. Some days are better than others, right? But on average what is your ratio of thoughts of WANTING to serve verses WAITING to be served? Is it 20/80?  Maybe it’s 50/50?

In our Mental Makeover Memo we challenged our members to SERVE someone this week using their two ears more and their one mouth less. How are doing with that task? (Not receiving our memos? Click here to become a free member and discover more about the blessings God has for your life.)

 Lowering or elevating? What’s your perspective?

Matthew 20:28 says, “Whoever wants to be great, must become a servant. Whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave. That is what the Son of Man has done: He came to serve, not to be served…”

At first glance this doesn’t sound very appealing. If I want to be great, I have to become a servant to others?

What Jesus is saying is that it has nothing to do with what part of town you live in, or the kind of car you drive, or how much is in your bank account. It’s not so much about LOWERING yourself, it’s more about ELEVATING others.

 Servicemen being served

Recently a unit of 13 marine soldiers coming home from serving 9 months in war-torn Afghanistan had just left the Baltimore-Washington Airport headed to Chicago and then on to their final destination- San Diego. Baltimore was their third stop with two more to go. Let’s just pause for a moment and imagine THAT journey home!

The fiancé of one of those servicemen, who was a native of Illinois, called O’Hare Airport and asked if maybe the returning soldiers might get a little extra special treatment during their layover. She suggested some Chicago style pizza and champagne.

It happened that the gentleman she spoke with was a retired marine USO volunteer. He only had one hour to organize something special before the plane arrived in Chicago. He was on the phone immediately and when the plane landed, it taxied beneath an arch of water from the fire department hoses in what is called a water salute. When the marines entered the terminal, they were met by a crowd of cheering USO volunteers, firefighters, police officers, and airport workers.

When it was time to board the flight to San Diego, the airlines had six empty seats in First Class, which they offered to six of the 13 men.

Immediately seven other first class passengers willingly gave up their seat to sit in coach (or as we call it at CCWA, Schmoeville).  So the entire unit spent the last leg of their journey home in comfort and luxury in first class.

What’s the point?

This is the point: People who are unfamiliar with God’s holy word may interpret the actions of the first class passengers as LOWERING themselves to coach class. They see it as a loss of money, loss of status, loss of comfort.

But for those people who live God’s word, they see the first class passengers’ actions as ELEVATING the servicemen. They see it as blessing them, showing gratitude for serving their country, and shining the spotlight of God’s love on these soldiers.


We were discussing this blog about the servicemen at breakfast this morning. We then noticed this bottle of ketchup on our table. A call to action to serve! Just an example of what you focus on, shows up in your life! (Julie just realized she needs her nails done)

To serve is a way to show your love for God and for humanity.

The Ripple Effect

Wait! There’s more! This is what is so fabulous about this story! This act of love contained so much power! At first only the people at the airport and the passengers on the plane witnessed this act of service.

But it had such an impact that it made the national news! This spotlight that first shone on that plane now has expanded for millions to see! People all over the world have witnessed this example of service.

Hearing this story fills the hearts of people. Doesn’t it give you that warm fuzzy feeling? People are talking about it at work and home on Facebook. It’s an example of God’s love for us being passed on to each other. It’s positive energy, God’s energy. It inspires other people to acts of service and love.

It is a ripple effect of love.

 “This little Gospel light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

This is why we are giving CCWA members a CALL TO ACTION! Just like the song from my days of VBS, we want you to make service a daily habit. It is how you show your love to God. Begin each day with a mindset of, “Who can I serve today?”

And when you shine the spotlight of service on someone, people around you see and feel God’s love in action. You are making ripples of love. Raise your service ratio! Go shine your light!

 “…God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship- a different kind of “sacrifice”- that take place in kitchen and work place and on the streets.”- Hebrews 13:16 (MSG)


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