Do you let people’s opinions become your STOP sign?

I want to share a powerful bible verse that I guarantee you will want to hang in a place of prominence as a daily reminder of who you are to trust.

This verse is so good we are going to blog about it next week as well!

What verse am I talking about?

The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that.
– Proverbs 29:25

How human opinion disablesstop

Anita Moorjani relates in her best-selling book Dying To Be Me, how her friends responded when she told them she was writing a book about her near death experience.

Their advice:

Even though your story is amazing, there is so much spiritual stuff out there people probably wouldn’t look at it.

Be prepared to be turned down over and over again.

You need a literary agent to just get the manuscript onto the publisher’s desk. They won’t even look at it without an agent.

She felt the whole publishing process was daunting and way beyond her capacity to achieve. This is how human opinion can disable. And if you take a closer look, underneath her friends’ opinions are mind weeds.

Many times friends and family can unintentionally plant mind weeds when they offer their opinion. They think they are trying to be helpful in their warnings, or they just want to “keep things realistic.”

But all of those opinions can cause harm and they can potentially disable your dreams. If you allow those mind weeds to take root, believe their opinions to be true, and put a halt to any action toward your dreams, then you have become disabled. You allow their doubts to discourage you to the point where you just give up. Their mind weed has now become your mind weed

Now, what about you?

I bet right now you can think about a time in your life when you had an idea or a vision or wanted to do something. You could see the possibilities of your future and you were ready to take action!

In that moment you were full of courage! And courage means, “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”

You were in a place where you had the mental strength to take that BOLD first step into the unknown toward your dream.

You were bubbling over with excitement and shared your idea with someone close to you!

Instead of the support you were expecting or hoping to hear, their opinions and reactions caused your resolve to disappear and left you feeling discouraged.

Those under cover mind weeds of discouragement take away mental strength to venture, persevere and withstand difficulty. That’s what mind weeds can do! They discourage you from your dreams, from challenging yourself, and/or from trying new things.

Many times our loved ones do this unintentionally due to their own fears.

They fear you may fail, struggle, or even fear that maybe you will succeed. They love you and want to keep you safe and secure. But safety sometimes has a price:  the price of becoming who God created you to be.

But God says….

Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out.- Hebrews 10:24

We are called to encourage each other! “Encourage” means to POUR IN courage.  Pour in mental strength and hope and love.

How wonderful when we are encouraged by someone! What a blessing to have someone pour courage into our hearts and minds. These are the people you want to share your ideas and dreams with. These are the people who plant mind blossoms in your mind garden; thoughts of hope and belief and power!

So here are three tips to keep human opinion from disabling you from your dreams:

1. If someone’s opinion leaves you feeling discouraged, recognize it as a mind weed. Be respectful and let the opinion come in, but then let it keep moving right on out of your mind. Don’t let it take root. Keep your mind garden a weed-free zone, and make sure you keep company with people who support and encourage you.

2. The opening verse from Proverbs reassures that trusting in God protects us from the disabling opinions of others. When you trust in God, that mind weed of discouragement has no nourishment! It cannot survive. There is no room because your mind and heart are centered on God and his promises. Your faith is in God’s power. You trust him to equip you to accomplish your purpose.

Jesus said, “If? There are no “if’s” among believers. Anything can happen.”- Mark 9:23 (MSG)

3. Think about the opinions you give when someone tells you about their ideas, dreams, or a vision.  Do you pour in courage or do you take away courage?

Sometimes our sinful nature leads us to believe we know more than we think we know. And sometimes we feel the need to point out risks involved and offer warnings when someone takes bold steps of faith. But I guarantee, they already know those risks. They don’t need to hear gloom and doom.

We don’t know the mind of God. We can’t even begin to imagine how he can make the impossible- possible. It’s his job to make the miracles happen and supply the power. Our only job is to encourage!


6 thoughts on “Do you let people’s opinions become your STOP sign?

  1. “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another…” 1-Thessalonians 5:11 Thanks Katie! Your encouraging words and perspective are greatly needed!

    • Belia! I thought about that verse after I wrote that blog! Thank you for sharing that! It makes life so much better when we encourage each other! Bless you!

  2. It really is amazing when you encourage one another, the love you feel towards people just helps to build one another up. Another great blog sister. I get so encouraged just by reading your blogs. They really help to dissipate the clouds of doubt and let the Lord’s sunshine in.

  3. wow, this has really helped me. For years i’ve struggled with the opinions of others and always came to a glass ceiling in my life. god is taking me through and you have given me the right scripture to overcome in victory. Trusting in christ is the key!

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