What does Harriet Tubman have to do with you?

Just recently a couple friends and I took a day trip to Cambridge, Maryland and stopped at the Harriet Tubman House and Museum. Let me tell you, upon entering the museum I learned that Harriet was quite a visionary who was guided, protected, and empowered by God!

This my friends and me standing next to a mural of Tubman. That is the actual height Tubman was! A tiny but mighty woman of God. God sees past your size, age, race, education, background...etc. He will equip you for your vision! Tubman is proof of that truth.

This my friends and me standing next to a mural of Tubman. That is the actual height Tubman was! A tiny but mighty woman of God. God sees past your size, age, race, education, background…etc. He will equip you for your vision! Tubman is proof of that truth.God!

One of Tubman’s quotes I came across was this:

“Twant me, Twas the Lord. I always told him, ‘I trust you. I don’t know where to go or what to do, but I expect you to lead me,’ and He always did.”

So what does Harriet Tubman’s life have to do with your vision?


The experiences and trials of her youth were all in preparation for what God had planned and purposed for her.

Tubman wasn’t very talented or successful doing the inside work- cooking, cleaning, and sewing. As a result, her master put her to work outside where she worked in the open fields, thick woodlands and marshes. The skills, the spiritual, mental and spiritual strength she gained during those years of hard physical labor outdoors is what equipped her to lead over 300 slaves through rough landscapes, dark nights, and winter months to freedom!


Can you think about the experiences you’ve had in your past? God was so strategic with His preparation for Harriet, and He is JUST as strategic with you! The things you are good at and the things you aren’t good it, are all designed by God. The situations you find yourself in that you may not like are only temporary. Start looking for the purpose in what you’re going through.


While making 19 trips and leading 300+ slaves to freedom, Harriet did NOT lose one slave!! She expected God to lead her and she trusted Him to protect her- and He did! She was a wanted woman and had bounty hunters constantly looking for her. But her fears didn’t keep her from her purpose.


Now your vision may or may not involve the safety of people’s lives, BUT is there something you are afraid of losing as you pursue your vision? Are you afraid of losing money, friendships, stock options, or your reputation? The depths of God’s love should assure you that if you lose something, He will replace it with equivalent or better. Don’t let Satan use your fears as excuses from following where God wants to take you.


God was not done with Harriet after she stopped helping slaves escape to freedom. Since she knew the landscape, Harriet ended up working as a scout for the Union army during the Civil War. She also worked as a cook and a nurse to the soldiers during that war.


Do you think you’ve peaked? Do you think you’re too old to do something impactful? As long as you are on this Earth God has work for you to do. It requires a mind that is open and a heart that is willing and obedient. God will take care of the little details.

Bottom line: Trust and Expect God to guide you, and lead you to where you are supposed to go. “Twant you, twas the Lord.” To God be the glory!

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  1. Hi Katie!

    Thanks for today’s encouragement/sermon. I always get excited when I see your emails in my Inbox. I know I’ve said it before, but you really do bless me every time, and every email has something that pertains to me and my life–every time!

    God bless you, sister! You’re awesome! 🙂

    ~Hugs, Jannette Fuller~

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