3 thoughts on “[VIDEO BLOG] What Holds You Hostage?

  1. Katie,

    Hostages for HOPE!!!! I love this — the things of this world promote despair, sadness, and darkness. But I am reminded that we are “in” this world, but not “of” this world. So our mindset must always be one of hope — we cannot operate out of a mindset of hope and despair at the same time.

    Great word — you are AWESOME!!! \O/

  2. You, my sister in Christ, GET IT! That is why you have people following you because you are a beacon of hope and love; not gloom and doom! This is why mom and I love spending time with you!!

  3. This is so true. It is amazing to me how Jesus always put things into a Godly perspective. I often remind myself that the Lord shows us his Godly perspective through his Word. If we dig deeper into his Word, we can see what God can do in all circumstances. The world is ‘stuck’ in their doom because the world does not and will not understand the things are that are unseen. For the things we see are temporary and the things unseen are eternal-2 Cor 4:18 b. Thanks Katie for reminding us of this through your blog.

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