Video Blog! 3 Tips to Break the Harness of Mind Weeds

You may be unaware that you are wearing a harness of slavery! Many of us are enslaved to our mind weeds that hold us back from living the free life Christ gave us when he died on the cross. Watch the video to see how you can begin to break the harness of mind weeds and take a stand for your freedom!

3 thoughts on “Video Blog! 3 Tips to Break the Harness of Mind Weeds

  1. Thank you,

    I am grateful that my friend introduce me to you. I get a lot out of reading your blog’s. Presently I am learning to live with God in my life. I am not being hard on myself and I feel a little more confident in myself when speaking in groups. Saying a little prayer helps. I have a lot of help. Now I have you and your blog and prayers. Thank you again, Brenda

  2. Brenda! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a reply! YOU are the exact kind of woman we are hoping to serve and help and connect to God! As you welcome God in your life, you receive his strength and power and blessings just pour in!!

    We are so thankful that you were connected to us! Whoever she or he is, please thank them on our behalf! There are no coincidences, Brenda! There was a reason we found you and you found us:) God has big plans for you!

    • Thank you Katie,

      I have hope for my future. God does have plans for me. And it is important for me to stay in the present. That way I can better handle what comes my way. I am working on my mind weeds. Thanks to you they have been brought to my attention. Thanks again.’

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