Is it time for a vision upgrade?

When I decided my last year of teaching would be 2013, and that I was going to move back home to start CCWA with my mom, I was afraid of many things.

One of my initial fears was being embarrassed when the time came to tell friends, coworkers, and other Upgrade your faithpeers what I was doing and why. I had to pull out my own mind weeds like, What if I can’t do this? Are people going to think I’m nuts? Ugh..I’m 36 and I’m living with my parents- that will drive away any potential dates.

I also had to fight off the mind weeds of others such as, Well, if it doesn’t work out you can always fall back on teaching! How do you expect to make a living?

What about you? Do you have mind weeds that are limiting the vision that is in your heart and mind, and it’s time you upgrade the size of your vision? Maybe what you need to do is upgrade your expectations of God.

Look what God says through the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 54: 1-6 (MSG)

Clear lots of ground for your tents!
Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! . . .
Don’t be afraid- you’re not going to be embarrassed.
Don’t hold back- you’re not going to come up short . . .
This is what God’s servants can expect.
I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best.

Many people who don’t share the same level of faith as a visionary, can’t understand the courage it takes to “spread out” and “think big.” Maybe you are struggling with finding that courage! But as a servant of God you can expect so much more than you are currently expecting from your merciful, gracious God!

So are you a servant of God? Is your relationship with Him your #1 priority (not your kids, not your job, not your workout, not your happy hour, not your TV show…etc.)? Are you obedient to His commands and if you aren’t, do you repent and seek forgiveness? Do you praise and thank Him for what He’s already given you?

As a faithful servant to God, this is what you can expect:

  • You WON’T come up short, so DON’T hold back in taking your dreams and goals to God.
  • You WON’T look like an idiot or a fool, so DON’T be afraid.
  • You need to THINK BIG and make room for the abundance God will give you as you persistently pray, faithfully act, and patiently wait.
  • You CAN’T make a wrong move, because God in His love and mercy for you will see to it that everything works out for the best! So DON’T anticipate things going wrong!

Hold fast to these promises! Speak them, read them daily, pray over them!

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