Is God expanding your vision?

Xinh Chao from Vietnam! Many of you who follow CCWA on Facebook know that I am in Hanoi, Vietnam for a month spending the holidays with my sister and her family.

One thing CCWA teaches is that as we move toward our vision, God expands our vision.

This husband and wife were people God divinely fixed me up with- I had the privilege to minister to the them in regards to their vision.

This husband and wife were people God divinely fixed me up with- I had the privilege to minister to the them in regards to their vision.

Well that happened to us at CCWA. Earlier this year we changed the “W” in our company name from “Women’s” to “Worldwide.” So when my sister invited me to come over to Hanoi, Vietnam for the month, I was immediately prompted by the Holy Spirit with a desire to hold a Vision Creation Workshop in Hanoi.

Now, as God expands YOUR vision you can expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone and come face to face with new mind weeds from yourself and from others. Case in point- holding a workshop in Vietnam.

Here were some of my mind weeds:

– What if no one shows up?

– What if I talk too fast?

– What if there is a language barrier?

– What if I can’t help them?

It took so much focus and intention on the fact that if God put this on my heart to do this workshop in a foreign country, then He is going to provide the people who need my message and His Holy Spirit is going to open the communication between me and the people.

I will be totally honest, there were several moments that I just wanted to cancel the workshop! But with the support of my friends and family, I followed through and yes, people came!

I had people from the Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam, Ireland, and Canada and the U.S in the audience. I probably spoke a little fast at times, but the Holy Spirit was present with all of us and they understood my message.

In typical God fashion, when we face the unknown, trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we get to experience blessings God has waiting for us when we step out in faith. My blessings? From that workshop I got the opportunity to work privately with seven people from 6 different countries. To hear about their personal life vision and hear the wonders God is working in their lives was so fabulous. Even though they looked different than me, had a different accent than me, and dressed different from me- I immediately felt the bond of Christ with these international visionaries. It truly was an awesome experience.

So it’s a New Year. Is God putting something on your heart that is greater than you think is possible? Is He expanding a part of your vision that both excites and frightens you? Maybe you haven’t even said it out loud to yourself or to anyone, but you’re ready to take God’s prompting seriously. If that’s you, I would love to talk with you about it. You can schedule a Vision Clarity Session with me by clicking here.

As you start this New Year with an expanded vision, let this be your mantra from Psalm 27:1 (MSG)

With God on my side I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing.

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