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I’d like to share an interesting encounter that happened just last week.  My husband and I were returning from vacation when we had a 3 hour lay over in the Atlanta airport.  It was about dinnertime so we headed for the food court area.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea as it was very crowded and few tables were available.

After we bought our dinner, we tried to find two of the few seats available.  We finally found

Are you open and aware to who God wants you to meet? Become aware and respond to spiritual nudges that God gives you!

Are you open and aware to who God wants you to meet? Become aware and respond to spiritual nudges that God gives you!

two across from an elderly couple.  They were just finishing up and left as we sat down.  About 5 minutes later a gentleman asked if he could sit across from us. We gladly asked him to join us. The first thing I noticed was that he silently prayed before digging into his hamburger.  I thought to myself, “How fabulous, he’s a Christian!”

He inquired if we lived in Atlanta.  George readily shared with him that we were returning from Grand Cayman celebrating his retirement. Our new friend asked, “Retiring from what?”  George shared that he was retiring from 37 years in the ministry and we had been down in Grand Cayman checking on Safe Harbor Lutheran church; a church that George helped start 12 years ago.  The gentleman listened intently as George shared with him about his love for missions and the different missions he was involved with over the past 37 years.

When George was done, the gentleman confessed his Christian faith and shared how God had been working in his life.  He shared painful and personal experiences, but then he told us how the Lord convicted him through those experiences and brought about good. He was proud to say he had two adult God fearing sons (unfortunately they were already married- always keeping an eye out for Katie) and loved to share God’s message with anyone who will listen.

Even though we have been in the ministry for 37 years, it is still thrilling to hear how God works in other people’s lives.  I LOVE hearing the activity of our ever loving and living God, and how he continues to pour out blessings, miracles and love to those that know him, love him and trust in him.

God puts us in just the right place, in just the right time, and in front of just the right people for a purpose.  At CCWA we like to refer to these as “Divine Fix-ups.” These Divine Fix-ups are arranged by God to remind us that we are all connected and need to hear God’s word, his promises, miracles and wonderful deeds everyday.  When the body of Christ is connected and working together, we can praise, share, sing, uplift, pray, and build each other up.

Since answering God’s call and stepping out in faith to start CCWA, God is constantly fixing us up! While at Panera’s the other day, a total stranger overheard our conversation and was moved to come over and talk with us.  She shared how God was nudging her to share her experiences in raising a mentally ill child to help others who are dealing with the same problem. We hope our words encouraged her, because her bravery certainly encouraged us.

We’ve shared some of our “fix-ups” and the blessings that come from them.  Now, how about you?  As you look back at how God is working in your life, do you recognize any of those “Divine Fix-ups?”  We would love to hear about those and the blessings they brought you.  Please leave your stories in the comment section below.

We are so glad God fixed us up with you.

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7 thoughts on “God’s Match.com

  1. Unfortunately all my fix-ups have been much less than divine. BUT . . . Good news: at my last gig in Orlando we had 61 new people trying to recover from addictions, and all 61 knelt and gave their hearts to The Lord. I’m hearing from some of them now via email.

    Carrying the message, Liz

    • WOW!!!!! That IS good news. You were their divine fix-up. They needed to to be there and hear your inspiring message. You were all brought together so they could feel the love and connect to God’s love and power for their lives. YOU are making a difference and God is blessing you mightily!! Thank you Liz for sharing.

  2. My “Divine Fix-Up” was meeting George and Julie and being directed to St. Paul’s. I now have a church home and have met so many really great people. The Lord is always at work with us, and how glad I am to have had such great results with my Fix-Up. (Too bad Match.com isn’t working as well!)


    • Judy, you know HE has a plan and it’s all in HIS time! You also know there is a reason for you being at St. Paul’s. You are a blessing to them and your witness and faithfulness is going to help someone at that church! When God sends Mr. Right, you know who will gladly do the wedding!!! 🙂

  3. My divine fix up was with Coral Cady who I now call my Best Friend. She was one of the very first 2 teachers called for Concordia Hanoi Int’l School. When she came I found out that she was a Lutheran ( Wisconsin Synod) and she had great love for the Lord. I admit that I kept my distance at first, moving around almost every 5 years of my life has made my armor pretty tough but there was something about her. She willingly taught religion to both my kids after school and even sang songs with them. Fast forward to 4 years later and we have grown even closer; she prays with me, she encourages me, and is there for me AND my family. The Lord has shown me that I can trust and let my guard down for the people he puts in my path. Even though she is leaving this year to head back to the states – we will always remain the best of friends.

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