A Simple Secret to Live Your Vision

This is how my brain works. I hear a word and I immediately associate it with a song. And then I go a step further, and I break out into song. Yes, I have a self-diagnosis of MTS:  “Musical Tourette’s Syndrome.”

A simple secret to live your vision

Keep your eyes open to those around you. God put them on your path so look to see how you can serve them and let God’s love flow from you!

While writing this blog I use the word “Secret” and sure enough my MTS kicked in and this lyric came to mind:

I’ve got a secret. I’ve been hiding…under my skin!

Does anybody know what song that lyric comes from and which 80s band sang it? Yes, it’s “Mr.Roboto” by the rocker band Styx.

Well, I do have a secret; a secret that is key to manifesting your vision into your reality. Actually, it’s not a secret. Jesus talked about this during his ministry.

Love God (easy) and love each other (hard). Simple, but not easy. How does love help you manifest your vision?

You show God you love Him by reflecting His love to everybody. And when you obey that command, God says in Exodus 20:6, “But I’m unswervingly loyal to the thousands who love me and keep my commandments.” God is going to be faithful to you as you go after your vision- no matter what obstacles try to take you off your path.

One of the best ways to show love is to serve people you encounter along your path to your vision.

Look what it says in Hebrews 10:24 (MSG):

Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out.

Just this past week, my mom witnessed people on social media becoming very inventive in how they encourage and help someone out.

This is what Julie wants to share:

I have followed along and witnessed over 200 people from around the world help a woman who is a publisher of an artist’s magazine. This woman suffered a crushing financial blow when her magazine’s distributor declared bankruptcy. She and her family were then in turn facing bankruptcy until her subscribers stepped in to help. 

You see, she ran her business with a “service” mindset.  It is a small magazine serving a small niche of jewelry artists. Every issue this woman featured one or more fellow artists with several pictures of their work and many step-by-step and how–to projects. Those featured artists increased their status and sales due to her featured articles.

Well, the artists decided they needed to step in and give back. So far over 200 people have donated over $15,000 to help cover costs and prevent this woman from declaring bankruptcy. It’s so wonderful to see all the outpouring of love directed to someone in need. She is overwhelmed – never asking for help but enormously grateful.

When God has set you on your path toward your vision, no matter what happens, He is with you. He is the master of taking a bad situation and turning it into something wonderful when His children are in need. How he does it is through YOU and ME. God is in us! It’s His Holy Spirit that prompts us to be inventive in our love.

I want you to reflect back on your life when you faced a huge obstacle or a devastating situation that almost caused you to give up on your vision. How did God intervene? Keeping with this theme of sharing miracles, we would love to hear your story!!  Now, take a moment to thank Him. If you already thanked God, thank Him AGAIN!

This is what Christian Fellowship is all about and why it is so important. We share with each other the wonderful blessings and miracles in our life so as our friends face difficulties, they know that God is alive and intervening and helping all His children every day.

So as you are stepping out in faith and moving along the path toward your vision, keep your eyes open and look who you encounter on your path. Are they facing a struggle or obstacle that’s blocking their vision. Stop and share your resources- lend a hand to help move that obstacle. Don’t be surprised when you hit a brick wall, that same person will come up next to you with a sledgehammer and help YOU keep moving toward your vision!

6 thoughts on “A Simple Secret to Live Your Vision

  1. This blog hit home today, so much so, that I have printed it out and I am placing it in my “grateful” journal. Thank you so much, Julie, for sharing the story about the woman whose magazine almost went bankrupt, and because of her service to others, the outpouring of love and financial support that is helping her to move forward.

    I also want to thank you both for reminding me today, that God is with me and He uses people like the two of you to help me and so many others to keep moving forward in the things that He has purposed for us to do.

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome post and my life has definitely been impacted in a most wonderful way because of your ministry. Love and appreciate you both so much.

  2. Thank you for a great reminder today on trusting him, staying connected with others and gratitude. I felt something negative creep into a brief conversation yesterday….and didn’t stop it at the pass, it became a mind-weed…thankfully I was able to recognize it, take it captive, get up and bless the person this morning who delivered the negative message. It completely turned it around for me!

    Thanks for obeying His promptings and encouraging others. May His blessings overtake you both.

  3. When my son, Lee, lost his job with Motorola, due to downsizing his division, he was in financial trouble. During intercession for him, I kept the vision of his prosperity (we call those things that be not as tho they are) and “working every day”, thanking God and “seeing him getting into his car and going to work”. Eventually he formed his own business and presently is doing very well.
    God has come thru so many times for me, my health, my budget, my children, and the students in my college classes. He is so good.

  4. Testify, Liz!!! We LOVE hearing the stories of God working in our lives. That is what the community of believers is all about. It’s to remind us all that he is alive and has great plans for those who are faithful. Glory to God in the highest!!!!

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