So Long, Status Quo!
3 simple steps to create a NEW vision for the life of your dreams

Welcome to CCWA’s FREE Vision Creation Kit

Are you ready to start dreaming again about what’s possible for your life? Are you really ready to challenge your status quo and put your prayers, dreams, and goals into action? Of course you are! Let’s stop wasting any more time. God is on one side of you, and CCWA is on the other side. Between the three of us we’ve got you covered! Having taught 3rd grade for eleven years I know a thing or two about holding people’s attention. So this kit includes 3 short (and entertaining) videos, which make it easy to follow along with us. Also included are handouts to go with each video so you can take notes and jot down ideas. Make sure you go through the steps in order.

Step 1: Understand God’s Truth


Step 2: Getting On The Same Page


Step 3: Challenge Your Status Quo


I Have My Vision…..NOW WHAT?

In video 3 we ask you to rate, on a scale of 1-10, how serious you are in pursuing your vision. If you chose a 7 or higher, then YOU ARE REALLY READY and CCWA wants to help you take your vision further.

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On this call you will:

  • Get clarity on which part of your vision you are ready to start acting on
  • Get clarity on the number 1 obstacle that has held you back from going after your dreams and goals in the past
  • Be absolutely clear on what is your NEXT BEST MOVE.
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“We will never amount to much if we are satisfied
with who we are today.”

-George Barna