The ripple effect of your vision

waterWhen I am intentional with eating clean, healthy, and unprocessed food, I experience a ripple effect in many areas in my life. I sleep better, I have more energy during my workouts, my mood is better, I am more productive during the day and I swear I look thinner in the mirror!

The ripple effect of having a vision

When you are intentional with the life, the talents, the dreams and faith you’ve been given, the power of Christ in you creates a ripple effect beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. It’s pretty darn spectacular!

Eugene Peterson, author of The Message Bible, in his introduction to the book of Philemon says this:

Every movement we make in response to God has a ripple effect, touching family, neighbors, friends, community. Belief in God alters our language. Love of God affects daily relationships. Hope in God enters into our work…. None of these movements and responses, beliefs and prayers, gestures and searches, can be confined to the soul. They spill out and make history.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people create and pursue their vision! When people respond to the nudges and pull that God puts on their heart, I get to see the ripple effect in their lives.

  • I see the hope and faith in God deepen in our clients’ lives, because they are in tune to how God is working through their vision.
  • I see how their spiritual gifts and talents are no longer confined but see how God uses them to serve His kingdom.
  • I see them taking God-ordained risks. I then get to witness the ripple effect of blessings and abundance.
  • I see how their love of God spills out to their spouses, friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I see the Holy Spirit transform their heart.

Do you see the power of having a vision? This is how a vision can transform your life!

However, a ripple effect can still happen even without a vision!

The ripple effect of NO vision

When we get complacent in our lives, take our spiritual gifts and talents and blessings for granted and go through life without a vision, there are ripple effects too.

When I am eating poorly, I also experience a ripple effect, but it’s a negative ripple effect. My clothes are tight, I’m cranky, mind weeds crop up, I skip workouts and I turn into a giant sloth- not wanting to do any work. I know you know what I’m talking about!

Where there is no vision, the people perish…Proverbs 29:18 KJV

This doesn’t mean Christians who don’t have a vision just drop dead. Instead, there is a numbness that causes damaging ripples which affect the quality of their life.

  • They are hopeless when they think of their future.
  • They blame God for the bad conditions and circumstances of their life.
  • They are full of excuses why they don’t take action and follow their dreams.
  • They focus on what they don’t have, and fail to see all the ways God is working in their life.
  • They have a small view of God and the resources He makes available to them.

If you are reading this thinking, “Yikes! I don’t have a vision!” or you don’t know how to create a vision or understand what a vision is, relax! We got you covered!

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It’s time to drop the “vision rock” in the pond of your life and start experiencing the ripple effect!


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