Vision Acceleration Program

Form your purpose by asking for counsel, then carry it out using all the help you can get.

Proverbs 20:18 MSG

I had dreams and ideas about what I wanted my future to look like, but I never actually sat down and figured out the true path to make them happen. During the CCWA's bootcamp, the way the program was logically thought out, with Scriptural background and with clear methods to help participants to focus and reflect and search out what God's vision is AND the positive approach of how God truly does have a plan to fulfill us and to be fulfilled was very encouraging.

—Peggy, Peoria, IL
  • Do you have a vision that’s been gnawing at you for years, but you just don’t seem to be making progress turning it into a reality?
  • Do you struggle with self-confidence, self-worth, and whether or not you are worthy of God’s love and plan for you?
  • Maybe you are unsure of the timing of your vision or whether or not you are meant to do what you feel pulled to do, OR if you can even pull it off!

Any desire for change will have you staring into the unknown and that can be scary! However, through that crack, that shift into truth, life begins to transform and you break free to be you. Your gifts are hidden in your imperfections and your experiences. All big breakthroughs in life come through breakdowns.

Well, consider CCWA’s Vision Acceleration Program  an answer to your prayers!

Becoming “off the chain” bold and creating a whole new life requires a whole new set of spiritual and practical skills! Using our unique and scripturally-based Live Your Vision™ System, we will not only teach those critical skills, but help you develop and master them!

We offer our Vision Acceleration Program  several times throughout the year. Click the button below to reserve your spot in the next bootcamp which will start June 2016.

In our Group Coaching Program you’ll learn how to:


Create a life you love by getting ABSOLUTELY clear on what you want do, who you want to become and what you want to experience in this life! When you can see it, almost touch it and taste it, and you know your “why,” you are driven to achieve it.

There are so many things I wanted to do, and wasn’t sure the timing of it all or whether or not I was even meant to do it. The first step in CCWA's boot camp helped me to see that I am on the right track and God is pushing me in the direction of my vision.

—Richelle Wilkins, Bowie, MD

Five ways to ignite the untapped power of your faith to start living your vision RIGHT NOW! This step is the critical piece that most of your “shelf-help” books are missing! We take you into a deeper, closer relationship with Christ that powers you through those “can I really do this” or “what was I thinking?” moments.

I was impressed by the spiritual component of CCWA's Live Your Vision™ System. Self-help programs are a dime a dozen, but how many promise to help me grow spiritually? The idea of having the Lord define my vision and growing closer to Him as a result of the journey was exciting to me.

—Kathy, Olney, MD

Develop the “I can do this NO MATTER WHAT comes my way” mindset that is CRITICAL to living your vision. You’ll learn surefire ways to STOP your mental beat-up and reclaim a voice of power! No more sabotaging self-beliefs that have kept you from achieving success in the past and really going for your dreams!

After moving to Vietnam for my husband's job, I am the one that needed advice, guidance and encouragement.  This was hard to find in a Third World Country. Through Skype and the internet, CCWA helped me through this big transition. Katie and Julie taught me how to change my inner voice, put others first, get out of my comfort zone, and trust fully in my God.  The result has been amazing; I have a stronger relationship with my God, my husband, my children, and even the country of Vietnam. But most important I have learned to love me which helps me love others.

—Amy Winkelman, Ha-Noi, Vietnam

Identify all the ways you are leaking God’s power. These leaks ultimately S-L-O-W progress toward the new life you are trying to create. We’ll teach you how to PLUG all those power leaks so God can create opportunities and provide you resources you never knew existed.

There are so many changes and growth in me!! I am so humbled and overly joyed by all of the tools I have been provided with! I am more confident in my self! I know I'm worth every single blessing God had given and has waiting for me. My attitude is better, people are inspired by me and draw towards me. Lastly, I have been so blessed with new exciting opportunities I never ever thought may be possible! Thank you Katie and Julie for having so much abundance and having Faith in our Father and giving me the lantern to guide me to God and my life with Him! Thank you!! I love you both I will always keep you close to my heart!

—Marilyn, Olney, MD

Break your vision down in small, committed steps which results in GIANT leaps toward your vision. No more spending time preparing….and preparing…and preparing but never firing away! Discover 7 spiritual secrets that will give you the power to BLAST through the obstacles of complacency, doubt, procrastination, or anything else Satan tries to throw in your path. This is where we help you design the roadmap to living your vision.

My problem before I enrolled in the bootcamp was feeling overwhelmed which affected my inability to set and accomplish goals.  I also had a problem with comparing myself to others, which affected my desire to move forward.  I procrastinated a LOT because of comparison. But the "Fire, Ready, Aim" step of Katie's system made a huge difference as I plan to work my coaching practice full time. Setting goals and then approaching the goals in smaller increments is helping me to accomplish so much more than I ever have in the past.

—Christine, Glen Burnie, MD

We offer our Vision Acceleration Program several times throughout the year. Click the button below to reserve your spot in the next bootcamp.

Don’t want to wait until the next program? Ready to start working on your vision NOW? Check out our VIP Private Coaching.

Katie and Julie are anointed women of God, and each step of their Live Your Vision System provides not only the resources to help you move towards your vision, but gives you the confidence to believe in yourself, and that the vision God has for you WILL come to pass.

—Richelle, Bowie, MD