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…For God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves…Once that’s taken care of and we are no longer accusing or condemning ourselves we’re bold and free before God…
1 John 3: 20-21 MSG


Saturday, April 23rd at The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Vineland, New Jersey,

CCWA is holding a live workshop:


To learn about this all day, hands-on, do-it-now, strategic planning event and to buy your ticket today, click here

This will be a day where we help you take all the ideas, goals, and dreams that are swimming around in your head and create a solid, clear and focused plan for you. You will accomplish more on this day than you probably have done in the past year.


We love a good bible study, but that’s not what we do. Our powerful interactive 90-minute presentation, “How to Use the Power of Your Faith to be ‘OFF THE CHAIN’ BOLD, provides an expanded view of God and what He can do in our lives. When you invite CCWA to speak at your church or organization, we’ll inspire your audience to challenge their status quo, and teach them how to use the power of their faith to be “off-the chain” bold and free to follow their dreams so they can experience the fullness of God’s blessings.

In our 90 minute interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • The #1 Problem with self-help books and how they misdirect Christians to dead end solutions
  • Exactly what is a VISION (hint: it’s not just for churches, organizations or businesses)
  • Why every Christian MUST be grounded in a personal vision that ignites their spirit in its purpose
  • How to stop floundering in uncertainty and create YOUR unique VISION
  • The 5 step process to start LIVING your vision and TRUSTING God’s promises for you.

Click here to contact us about giving YOUR audience an opportunity to start creating their BOLD vision so they can experience a whole new depth of God’s blessings and abundance.

Some attendees of OUR PresentationS had this to say:

Katie, you helped me reach inside to my inner faith, realize I alone do not need or have to fix or conquer my problems. I need to put my trust in God and let him lead me and allow him to fight my battles. I have a new outlook, it has made me realize I need to dig deep inside, resurface my strength in God, have more grace and relinquish my fears. Thank you!

—Carol, 44, Broken Arrow, OK

I was drawn to CCWA due to the fact, that though I am a Christian, I often forget to pray, especially for myself and my own goals for my family and career. I was inspired by seeing Katie and Julie speak, so much so that I took a leap of faith and put in a proposal to raise funds for a charity that is near and dear to my heart. My proposal was accepted by the company I work for part-time. Using visual prayer reminders has really helped me to remember to pray daily for my goals and dreams/vision. I am still waiting for God to show me how to take the steps to fullfill my dreams, and/or do this for me. But I have full faith and confidence that he will do so.

—Carol, Baltimore, MD

After listening to CCWA speak at my church I, by the grace of God and by our wonderful hosts, Katie and Julie Black, have been encouraged to look at life completely differently. God has a path coursed out for me so great, that I cannot even comprehend anything better.

—Emily, 20, Pasadena, MD

When Katie and Julie spoke at my church I left with the courage to make changes in my life! I'm so excited about the truths I learned in these few short hours; they are life altering and I can't wait to implement them-starting today!

—Floris, 52, Owasso, OK

Katie and Julie helped me see that I'm not just a post menopausal, pre-retirement American I was starting to think this is normal, the way life is going....I'm happy but not as fulfilled as I once was and I was starting to accept it. NOW after hearing their talk I know where to go from here. THANK YOU!

—Sheila, 52, Broken Arrow, OK