How the Stages of your Vision are like Holy Week

holy-weekWhether you have an inspired idea, a big dream, or a clear vision that you are ready to act on with a leap of faith, let me give it to you straight. First of all, your hopes and dreams come from God. Psalm 62:5, says, God, the one and only- I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I hope for comes from Him, so why not?

Secondly, going after your vision is like you are constantly circling through the stages of Holy Week. You may be in one of the stages for months or years. While other times you may be in one of the stages for days. I personally experience this, and I also see this in the lives of my clients.

What do I mean by this?

The Palm Sunday stage of your vision- The Excitement

This is the beginning of your vision. This is when you decide to take the plunge, make the change, step out in faith and tell people what you intend to do. Just like the people waving palm branches and rejoicing when Jesus entered Jerusalem, your friends and family are excited for you and celebrate your plans. You’re inspired, full of hope, and you start working toward your vision.

Are you in this stage? Enjoy it now because things are about to get tough.

The Maundy Thursday stage of your vision- The Rejection.

“I have something hard, but important to say to you…”- Mark 14: 17 (MSG)

“You’re all going to feel that your world is falling apart and that it’s my fault.”- Mark 14:27 (MSG)

On this night Jesus experienced rejection from one of his closest friends, Peter. But things got worse. Another one of his disciples, Judas, betrayed Jesus to the High priests. Two huge blows!

There are going to be times (more often than not) where you will experience rejection as you pursue your vision. Whether your ideas are rejected by family, friends, customers, or people in your industry, expect it to come. There is no getting around it. Rejection can happen occasionally or frequently and seems to show up very early on as you pursue your vision.

For some of you, you may feel like your world is falling apart. You may be tempted to blame God, but don’t. Follow Jesus’ example. In Mark 14:32 (MSG) it says that Jesus, “plunged into a sinkhole of dreadful agony,” and then later in verse 35, he fell to the ground and prayed asking God, if it’s his will, to get Jesus out of having to die.

This is a tough stage! This is where Satan creeps in and fills you with doubt and you start to question if you have what it takes to live your dreams. Are you in this stage?

The Good Friday stage of your vision- The death of your dreams.

Good Friday is the day that Jesus died on the cross. On this day, the same people who welcomed him to Jerusalem and singing his praises were now demanding he be crucified. It is a day full of anguish, pain, and torture, but it HAD to happen in order for you and me to be saved from death.

When failures, rejection, and/or obstacles happen on the road to your vision, it may feel like “Good Friday.” You’ve been praying to God for help, for relief, for answers but nothing happens. Things aren’t working like you thought they would and everyone around you may be telling you it’s time to quit or give up. You gave it the old college try. These people think they have your best interests at heart and are trying to spare you pain.

The emotional, mental, and spiritual pain of uncertainty, doubts, and fear makes this stage of your vision a very dark time for you. It may feel like your hopes and dreams are dying. Just like Jesus felt forsaken by God, you may find yourself crying out, “Where are you, God? Have you forgotten me?”

In this stage of your vision, when it seems like you’ve been laboring for months or years and you haven’t accomplished your goals or living your vision, you may find yourself ready to bury your dreams and start thinking about a plan B.

Are you in this stage? Hang in there!

The Easter Sunday stage of your vision- The Miracle.

In this stage of your vision, God reveals His glory and power! Just when you think it’s over, God resurrects your vision by providing a miracle; a breakthrough in your vision; an answer to a prayer; a solution. It will be so unexpected! It will probably be even better than you had imagined! You experience what Mary and Mary Magdalene experienced in learning that Jesus was risen:

Matthew 28: 8-10, “The women, deep in wonder and full of joy, lost no time in leaving the tomb. They ran to tell the disciples.”

This is the perfect opportunity to tell others about God’s faithfulness to you and how He is working in your life and bringing your vision to life. Lose no time in praising and thanking God and sharing the workings of His hand in your life!

The “Easter Sunday” stage strengthens you to keep your eye on the prize. God’s timing on answering your prayer, of giving you the miracle is what keeps you moving toward your vision. Your hope, strength and faith are renewed and restored and keeps you back on track. So if you find yourself feeling rejected, ready to bury your dreams, hang on to this truth: The miracle will ALWAYS come!

Stay with God! Take heart! Don’t quit. I’ll say it again. Stay with God.
– Psalm 27:14 (MSG)

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  1. I LOVE this blog post!! When I saw the title, I had to read it to find out how in the world our vision can be like Holy Week! 🙂 What insight and also how the Word of God reminds that difficulties will come, but so will the time of miracles. Thank you so much for this — it arrived right on time!!! 🙂 🙂

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