About the Contemporary Christian Worldwide Academy

Founders Julie & Katie Black

What CCWA Can Do For You

In our scripturally-based programs, you’ll learn how to…

  • Use the power of your faith to create a life you love by creating a vision.
  • Develop an “off-the-chain” bold mindset needed to pursue your vision.
  • Break your vision down into small, committed action steps so you can live your vision.

Making big changes in your life requires a whole new set of skills! In our programs we will not only teach them, but support you in developing and mastering those skills!

Our Live Your Vision System™ is a process we created to teach our clients how to create a comprehensive vision; cultivate a brave, bold mindset; and develop their own customized “how do I make my dreams happen?” roadmap to living their vision.

You can use this process to reconnect with your spouse, lose weight, become financially free, change careers – anything you desire to bring your forgotten dreams back to life.

Get ready because the Holy Spirit will ABSOLUTELY transform your mindset, so you will move forward in spite of your fears and doubts and failures, learn how to let go and trust God’s timing, and how you can use that time to keep committed to your vision.

Many people use their faith just to keep their head above water. We show you how to use your faith to walk on water!!
We hope you will join us!

Katie Black

About Katie Black

katie2Growing up as a preacher’s kid, my life was on display most of the time.

But since I love an audience that wasn’t a problem for me (except when I did something stupid like being caught tasting the communion wine). I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and after graduating from Concordia High School, I embarked on my first spiritual challenge. I left the comfort and safety of my parents and moved to Fort Worth, Texas to attend Texas Christian University. To say I was “homesick” would be an understatement. This was the first time when the ONLY person I had to help me get through that difficult season of my life was Christ.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 2000, I worked in the corporate world. I hated it and knew for certain that this was not what I was intended to do in this world. This was the first time I challenged my status quo. I quit after eighteen months without another job lined up. Scary? Oh heck yes! Stressful? Ask my parents!

By the guidance of God’s hand, I switched careers and soon found my way to a third grade classroom where I taught for 11 years.
I developed a passion, enthusiasm and love for my students that filled me up and felt I was “on purpose.” And during my time there, I perfected my craft of teaching, motivating, and encouraging people to be their best. I was committed to my students’ growth and progress. I was even voted Teacher of the Year two times by my coworkers.

Then, about five years ago, I began a path of self-improvement. I formed a deeper connection with God and during that time I learned about God’s promises for my life in a way I’d never understood before.

Again, I felt the tap of God’s finger, pointing toward a path that I was silently imagining, but didn’t think possible. With that came an intense awakening. It was like the Holy Spirit whipped off the cover of my calling and said, “Ta-Daa! Here is what I want you to do! Take your faith and love in Christ, your passion for self-improvement, spiritual gifts of teaching, inspiring and entertaining, your knowledge and skills I have developed in you, and help other Christians challenge their status quo and show them how to experience the abundance and put their dreams into action so they can live beyond their limits and imagination.”

I took that giant leap of faith, left the security and comfort of my successful teaching career and a loving group of friends, and I followed God on His path. Again, challenging my status quo and “Thy will” became “my will.”

I know that God brilliantly crafted YOU to fulfill His purpose for your life. You have everything needed to live that purpose. With the help of God’s spirit, I will guide you and connect you to the power of God’s word and the freedom it brings you to live a life beyond your limits and imagination.

5 Random Things About Me

  • I have a self-diagnosis of MTS (Musical Tourette’s Syndrome).Meaning I hear a word and it triggers a song which causes me to bust out singing.
  • I don’t get mosquito bites!
  • I’m addicted to experiences that make me sweat and my knees buckle — Crossfit, roller-coasters, karaoke, water-rafting, paragliding, and going on blind dates.
  • I tend to only use my “outside voice” so my friends have lovingly nicknamed me “Decibel.”
  • I still love dress up and costume parties. I’m almost 40 and my mom still helps me make my Halloween costume.

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About Julie Black

julieI praise and thank the Lord every day that I was raised in a Christian home. I might not have been the poster-child for a Christian, but I loved the Lord.

I met my husband 45 years ago. He was handsome, ambitious and a Christian. After two children and five years of marriage, he told me he felt a calling from the Lord to go into the ministry full time. I wasn’t surprised at all. I could see the Lord working in our lives.

Thirty-eight years later I look back and see the glory of the Lord’s plan for us. Together we created a wonderful life.
But in 2007, in the midst of my busy life, God called me to serve my parents when they needed care in their final years and that calling changed the trajectory of my life in ways I never imagined.

Shortly after they went to be with their Lord, I began to feel an urgency from God. I realized time was ticking away and there was something more important I was supposed to do with my life. I felt God calling me again, stronger and stronger, to look to His word.
By being open to Him, I discovered a whole “self- help” manual in God’s word that I never understood before. And I knew I needed to share it with others.

My daughter and I broke His teachings down into easy steps and strategies that brought about huge changes in our lives. Our connection with God became closer and richer and with that came overwhelming joy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment we had never felt before.
Finally I was ready to share this knowledge with the ladies of our church, but Katie said, “Oh no mom, this is much bigger than St. Paul’s. We need to reach and teach men AND women on a global level!”

So that’s what we’re doing with CCWA.

I am more focused, more fulfilled, and more accomplished than I ever expected to be at this stage in my life. And I know for sure that you’re never too old and it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams.

5 Random Things About Me

  • I’m a retired Registered Nurse
  • I’ve owned two businesses
  • I design and sew my husband’s preaching stoles
  • I’m an accomplished glass artist i.e. church windows, handmade beads
  • I’m a metalsmith and jewelry designer

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